Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Heart Buckle with Ribbon

I made a few ribbons with heart buckles, they are tagger sized.
You can download them Here

Diagonal Striped Ribbon With Buckle

Hope you like these, they are tagger sized and there are 5 colour variations in the zip file.
You can download them Here

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Triple Bow Ribbons

I made some more ribbons, they are in .png format and there are 4 colours in the zip

Download Here

Fancy Glass Buttons

I've been making some fancy glass buttons I hope you like them

You can download them in .png format Here

Monday, 24 November 2008

Ribbon Bows

I have written a tutorial on how I created this ribbon. The tutorial can be found on my site Here

Ribbon Bows

Download the Polkadot Ribbons 1 Here

Ribbon Bows

Download the Satin Ribbons Here

Ribbon Bows

I've created some ribbon bows, I hope you like them, they are in .png format.
The previews have a drop shadow added.

There are 4 colours in each set, but you can change the colours to suit whatever you use them for if you wish.

The silk ribbons are the smallest and the polkadot ribbons2 are the largest

Download the Silk Ribbons Here

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Drippy Tree

I've been using PSP since the days of PSP7, but I am new to scrapping and although I have had a site for a long time, a blog is a new and interesting addition for me.

This is my first freebie on this blog and I hope you like it. You can download my drippy tree in .png format, you can also download my script to make your own using your own choice of patterns and colours. The script was created in PSPX, it has been tested and works in PSPXI as well, but hasn't been tested in other versions.